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Your cooling system runs about 1,600 hours per year. That’s over 83 days! To put this “run time” into perspective, a car driven for 83 days at 55 miles per hour would travel 88,000 miles.

Obviously, no one would consider such a journey without arranging for oil changes, lubrication, and routine tune-ups along the way to assure the efficiency, safety, and reliability of the vehicle. The parallel between the car and cooling system is this:

Your cooling system serves you more hours than your car and, like your car, needs routine tune-ups to operate efficiently, safely, and reliably throughout its design life.

Our unique Energy Savings Agreement / Precision Tune-up is so effective it could reduce your summer cooling bill by more than 37%.

It could also prevent a major and untimely system breakdown. Our highly trained, EPA Certified, Precision Tune-up Specialist will thoroughly clean, adjust, and test your cooling system. In all, 20 critical points are covered and corrective action is taken.

We are offering this 20-point Precision Tune-up & Professional Cleaning for the price of only $89.95. Since your cooling system will be running another 1,600 hours this year, contact us today to schedule a convenient time to have it brought back up to factory specifications.

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Don’t settle for some cheap “clean & check”. Our service is so thorough, it may take up two hours to complete.

20 Point Precision Tune-Up

  1. Monitor refrigerant pressures to ensure efficiencies
  2. Test starting capabilities
  3. Oil fan motors where applicable
  4. Check blower components and belts
  5. Monitor voltage / amperage
  6. Tighten electrical connections
  7. Lubricate moving parts where applicable
  8. Wash filter or replace with owner’s supplied filter
  9. Measure temperature difference
  10. Calibrate thermostat if required
  11. Check and clean condenser coil
  12. Check capacitors
  13. Check contactor points
  14. Brush out electrical cabinet
  15. Check all caps and valves for seals and/or proper snug fit
  16. Check / evaluate evaporator coil for buildup
  17. Flush and vacuum drain line/pan and evaluate drainage
  18. Check float switch operation
  19. Clean equipment exterior
  20. Check final performance and report necessary improvements

Gas Equipment Only

  • Test and adjust safety controls
  • Perform safety test on heat exchanger
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Monitor gas pressure and adjust gas valves as necessary
  • Clean and adjust burner / pilot assembly
  • Clean ignition assembly
  • Monitor fan and safety limit controls

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